Team Members


contact Alex

Alex Razletovsky

General Council

contact Colin

Colin Burns

Regional Partner (Madagascar) 

contact Vadim

Vadim Fedder

Regional Partner (Peru) 

contact Osmar

Osmar Oliver

Regional Partner (Russia) 

contact Andrew

Andrew Yuzhakov

Program Manager 

contact Dina

Dina Kleiman

Program Manager

contact Reneta

Reneta Zvezdeva

Program Manager

contact Yulia

Yulia Mamontova

General Manager

contact Daniel

Daniel Tarutin

Regional Partner (Bolivia) 

contact Karen

Karen Chavez

Regional Partner (Mexico) 

contact Anastasia

Anastasia Yanitskaya

Regional Partner (Russia) 

contact Dmitry

Dmitry Bovsunovskyi

Regional Partner (Ukraine) 

contact Miroslav

Miroslav Kubrushko

Program Manager

contact Sean

Sean Waggoner

Program Manager

contact Adrian

Adrian Reategui

Program Manager

contact Magaly

Magaly Ochavano

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