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Antananarivo, Madagascar

Foster home

Growing up abandoned and orphan children are deprived of the most basic essential things. They often suffer from hunger, malnutrition, infections, diseases, psychological traumas, abuse etc. 

Brighter Living Humanity supports a local foster home in Antananarivo, Madagascar providing orphan children living there with meals, clothing, school supplies, toys, education, medical care and other essentials.


One of the best ways to help us is by spreading the word about what we do and why it is important. You can make a repost of our fundraisers on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

You can also start a personal fundraising page, organize a fundraising party, 'donate' your birthday or other event; and/or add a link to our website, Facebook or Instagram to your social media profile. Every little bit of help makes a huge difference!


If you would like to volunteer to spend your time with orphan children in Madagascar, organize birthday parties for them and other events, please contact us and we will connect you with local volunteers in the area.

Together we can help more orphan children in Madagascar!

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Help Orphans in Madagascar
Orphanage in Madagascar
Orphan Children in Madagascar
Orphan Children in Madagascar
Orphan Children in Madagascar
Orphan Children in Madagascar
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